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PCIS Solar System Walk

1-16-10  My weblog has been added to these two exciting web sites: click on ’solar system overview’ and our link is at the bottom. click on or scroll down to ‘other models’ and you will see our link there (PCIS Solar System Walk)

Here are the finished signs.  My dad and I came up on Saturday 4-3-09 and painted the signs black.  Another teacher helped me nail the trim onto the signs -Friday 4-2-09.  My science classes would like for you to take a picture of you or your group at your favorite sign(s) and send them to me at and I will post them here for everyone to see.  By sending the picture, you are giving me permission to post your picture on my weblog.  Enjoy and I hope to meet you out there!

This model is based on distance not size of the planets.  I have included Pluto as part of my solar system model.  Only Mars is slightly off its mark due to a concrete drain that is exactly where the planet should have been placed.  The signs are 2 foot by 3 foot, covered with a plexiglass and trimmed with a wood trim painted black.  Nearly all of my information came from and we were given written permission to use this information.  A PowerPoint has been started but it needs a few touches to be completed.  If you would like a copy of the Powerpoint that also will include the word documents that has all of the sign information on them, please email me at the above address.

I have lots of people to thank:

  • Matt at Central High School for the grants.
  • Sunshine Banners for the signs.
  • Home Depot for materials.
  • Harvey Limber Co. for materials
  • Mark from PCIS for the advice, paint and posts.
  • My dad for helping me paint.
  • My wife for bringing me food while I was here late and supporting me.
  • for the information.
  • Mr. Barnes for nailing on the trim.
  • Phenix City Beautiful for the support.
  • and Mr. Blevins, Mr. Suchman, and Mr. McDonald.
  • My 6th grade science classes (2008-2009)
  • My co-teachers for listening to me talk about this project daily– ok hourly!!


We start with the Sun

We start with the Sun

A close up of Mercury

Venus and Earth together (Venus is our sister planet)

Mars, the red planet. This planet should be where the drain is located. I asked if I could move the drain and the said...."Um, no."

The inner planets

Jupiter: If on slightly larger, it would have become a star. Also, Jupiter gives off more light that it recieves.

Saturn: Did you know it could float if placed in water?

A picture from Saturn to the Sun. how you say this planet :o)

Uranus with the our school logo in the background.

A closer look at Uranus (My favorite planet)

Neptune is looking good in the flower bed.

Pluto, always left out in the cold. 407 feet from the starting point of this solar system walk.